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Season 4

Art Time, S04E003
S04E003, Land, Sea and Seeds Plate, Art Time
Join JoJo in making a Land, Sea and Seeds plate to remind us of Day Three of Creation.   On Day Three God created dry ground, calling the dry ground ‘land’ and the waters ‘seas’. And God also created vegetation. God said “Let the land sprout with vegeta More ...
IGTV, S04E002
S04E002, The Sky Plate, Art Time
Join JoJo in making a Sky Plate to remind us of Day Two of Creation. On Day two God said, “Let there be a space between the waters to separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth” and God called this space ‘Sky’. Get your art on with More ...
IGTV, S04E001
S04E001, Day and Night Plate, Art Time
For art time, JoJo makes a hanging Day and Night plate picture. Don’t hang about, get your art on! This picture can be painted and is super simple and super fun to make. More ...
Jo Berry, 01/02/2023
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