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Andy B loves exploring the bible, and helping others get excited about it too. While he loves preaching, he loves teaching too and these are his collection of video teaching resources you can use, or be inspired by.
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What is Reverence? Andy B, Teaching
Is reverence something we need, as Christians, in the current world? Is reverence a bygone requirement for believers, surpassed by the death and resurrection of Jesus? Is reverence something we should be bothered about in our churches and families? More ...
what is, 3
Part 3 of 3, Faith and Prayer – Faith and Prayer! Volume 1
This is Part 3, of a 3 part Teaching series on Prayer and Faith. With discussion around Fish and Chips, Sweet and Sour Sauce and Gloves hands, Andy B does his usual and takes ordinary, every day objects and situations, and helps us dig deeper into the More ...
what is, 2
Part 2 of 3, Faith and Prayer – What is Prayer, Volume 1
This is Part 2, of a 3 part Teaching series on Prayer and Faith. Starting out the real basics of Prayer, Andy B takes a good look at what Prayer is. He also looks at when we should pray, how we should pray. He also answers the question of what we ca More ...
what is, 1
Part 1 of 3, Faith and Prayer – What is Faith? Volume 1
This is Part 1, of a 3 part Teaching series on Prayer and Faith. Andy B take a good look at the basics of What is Faith? We can have faith in a chair and we can have faith in the floor in the floor and we can have faith in gravity But, chairs can More ...
broken dreams thumbnail
Broken Dreams, And Hope! Andy B, Teaching
Are you hurting inside? Do you feel alone? Do you feel lonely, even though you’re surrounded by people? Have your emotions left you feeling tired and like you have nothing left to give? Have you lost your job? Or a friend? Or a precious member of yo More ...
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