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Andy, Jo, Steven, Nathan and Peter –


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Dean – Gospel-road#66.1


Welcome to my blog gospel road! A blog inspired through a conversation with a sceptical friend who was commenting on which route I should take in life. I told him that I will follow God and take the gospel road… route 66 standing for the 66 books of the bible. I welcome you in Jesus name and pray that the writing inspired by the spirit of God will encourage and edify you!

A bit about me… I’m a married man in my 30s. I came to Lord Jesus out of a world of drugs and wild living. In 2016 I took a leap of faith to move from my home country England to Portugal to serve the Lord. It was in Portugal that I met my now wife on the 11th month in this country during a time when I was considering returning to England. I love writing, I also write music and dance, I speak Portuguese and I have a passion for Jesus who rescued me. My mission in life is to love God and love people. The Lord spoke this promise into my life from Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. I have not forgot this promise and each day I long to live to its fullest.

Andrew Brown –


Andy Brown is a Christian husband and father of four wonderful daughters. He lives in a small village in Essex in the east of England, UK. He has been following Jesus for over twenty years, and has been lay preaching for ten years. He was an Elder in his previous church (another part of the UK) where he served for over eight years and led house Bible study groups.

Andy has written many articles and a 40-day devotional booklet. In addition to his blog site here, he is working on authoring various books.

Andy says: When I encountered God for the first time, I had no idea Who I was meeting. Truth be told, I was overwhelmed by fear and felt totally unworthy in His sight. I knew nothing of the Bible or how much God loved me. Over the years, I have learned that God is not angry with me and that He has gone to incredible lengths to wipe away my sin forever through His Son Jesus Christ.

I have had a teaching gift for as long as I can remember, often sharing facts and figures with friends and family – whether they were interested or not! As I have developed my relationship with God, I’ve discovered a prophetic gifting in me which I’m learning to use in God’s service. I have a very long way to go, but am so glad God intervened in my life! I hope that I can share my journey with you, and that your relationship with God will be enriched as a result.

God bless you!

Alan – Devotional Treasures


Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. For me the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic was been a time of renewal and refreshing as I spend more time with God in His Word at home. I have been blessed by the treasures that God has put in my path each day. Soon I felt that it would be good to share what I found rather than keeping it to myself, after all sharing The Light is a very Biblical theme. This brings us to the purpose of Devotional Treasures, that is to share treasures discovered during my daily biblical devotions. It would be my sincere prayer that in these jottings that you find some blessing from God’s Word, and are drawn closer to Him.

I make no claims to be a pastor or a great scholar, I am just an ordinary middle-aged Scotsman who loves God and is enthused by His Word as it lights my path before me.

My hope is that you already know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. But if not you are still very welcome here! I would pray that you would seek Him in the Bible (Luke’s gospel is a good read!) then have a talk with God (prayer). Tell Him you are sorry for your sin and that you want to join His family through Jesus Christ and be forgiven and renewed. After that tell a christian friend about your decision, they will be thrilled to welcome and help you further.

Finally, thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoy my devotional writings. If you have any suggestions or questions I would be most happy to hear from you, and will endeavour to answer any emails promptly.

God Bless You

Nicola – EagleSight


Sometimes you have to take that first step and trust God with the rest. That was how I got into blogging and started sharing my Christian faith with others and not forgetting, connecting with other wonderful Christian bloggers. I love reading blogs from writers all over the world and sharing our stories, ideas and encouragement. It’s inspiring and challenging. It makes my realise that I know so little. Blogging opens up my world to enable me to connect with others. I have connected with some incredible people since starting my blog. You will find some of them here on this website.

So a little about me. My name is Nicola. In a nutshell I am..A Follower of Jesus, Wife, Mum, Lawyer who loves life, having fun, travel, good food, good beer, music, my dog, (the cat sometimes), my campervan, puzzles, walking and writing. I’m in my fifties now but young at heart.

I love Jesus and want to share the good news of the gospel, encourage and hopefully inspire fellow believers and others to follow Christ and grow in the knowledge of God through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. I am passionate about prayer and want to step into all God has for me to do for Him. I hope my posts are a blessing and encouragement to others. I share lots of different Christian content from testimonies, teachings, words that the Lord has inspired to me…come and have a read.
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