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S06E008, Endurance, Coming Up, 05.02.2023, It is what it is
What's coming up in our next Endurance Podcast? Steven and Nathan are back with Endurance after a bit of a break, and they are using the expression ‘it is what it is’ to talk about accepting what is. Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, wheth More ...
Andy B 2 Minute Video, S05E052
S05E052, How Many Fingers From Disaster? Andy B 2 Minute Video
In the Film series, Ice Age, there is little sabre tooth squirrel. He always gets so close to being to safeguard his precious nuts, when disaster strikes. If I’m honest he’s my favourite character because he never gives up trying. Everything gets thrown a More ...
Andy B 2 Minute Video, S05E051
S05E051, Isn’t It Amazing… Part 2, Andy B 2 Minute Video
Life can be so busy at times we might wish to scream for someone to stop the world so we can get off. And, yet, God’s plans are never for us to be that busy. A wise man once said how important it was to leave spaces in your day for the unexpected. I More ...


Our Heart

We're a family of 5 who, since 2019, have created more than 750 videos home grown, family safe, Bible based videos and resources.

We're Andy B and Jo and we're parents to 3 boys; we've worked in full-time children's ministry and now through the BerryBunch! We're published authors, and host a weekly Radio Show - Family Focus - only on Konnect Radio).


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Creating digital material – to encourage and inspire families, all around the world, in their Christian faith; supporting, equipping and resourcing the Church in it’s Global mission: For Free, For All.


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Welcome to the BerryBunch - creators of home grown video resources For Free, For All!
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Welcome to the BerryBunch

We are a family who love producing free resources to help others. Whether you’re a church, a family or just interested, you can find a whole smorgasbord of resources RIGHT HERE.

Check out the rest of our website where you can find video resources for children, for teenagers, for adults, for marriages and so much more: everything is free to use, stream, share and download!

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