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Andy B 2 Minute Videos, Season 1 

car wheels and alignment
S01E011, Car Wheels and Realignment, Andy B 2 Minute Video
During our morning Church Service today there was lots of talk of God lighting up the path ahead of us; of how He illuminates the next part of the road that we need to drive along and how, as we move into that next stretch, God then lights up the next par More ...
God Connections, dial up or br
S01E010, The God Connection – Dial Up or High Speed Broadband, Andy B 2 Minute Video
Are we connected just enough to fool a diagnostic test? Or are we so connected we're streaming in better than HD quality? Remembering of a time sheep got in the way of a Radio Broadband connection, Andy B thinks about how connected we are to God. We More ...
christmas trees and wrestles
S01E009, Christmas Trees and Good Wrestles, Andy B 2 Minute Video
We often wrestle with God. And this go badly for us - just like it did for Jacob when he had his hip dislocated while having a very non-gentleman-like wrestle with an angel. But some wrestles are good and God is behind us, encouraging us to press on. More ...
Plastic Bottles, Sheep and the
S01E008, Plastic Bottles, Sheep and the Holy Spirit, Andy B 2 Minute Video
Sheep produce wool, because they're sheep. Just like us - when we walk with God the fruit of the Holy Spirit is the natural outpouring of that relationship. Limping, old, tired, broken………..whatever negative condition we're in that we allow to define More ...
washing machine gaskets and Go
S01E007, Washing Machine Gaskets ad God, Andy B 2 Minute Video
So we had to replace a door seal/gasket from our washing machine which was starting to fail. While we caught it before it had a chance to cause any damage to anything, it got me wondering about how connected we are to God - where our seals are perished More ...
booster seats and blockages
S01E006, Booster Seats and Blockages, Andy B 2 Minute Video
In this 2 Minute Video, Andy B looks at a blow up booster seat that's destined for the bin. It's kept Peter safe in the car when we're driving, and us legal. But if it doesn't work, it is pointless, dangerous and needs replacing. Until it is no long More ...
boats ships and resting
S01E005, Boats, Ships And Resting, Andy B, 2 Minute Video
While sitting in the car, waiting for Jo to get some printing sorted, I saw a Cruise Liner, which got me thinking about resting, both passively and actively. So, sitting, in our car, to the tune of rain beating on the roof, it got me pondering about ho More ...
humble or proud
S01E004, Humble or Proud, Andy B 2 Minute Video
So I've been reading around the feeding of the 5,000 and rewriting it as a story for our online baby and toddler group - Little Blessings Online. It’ll be all about the boy who lost his lunch. Anyway, one verse really struck out to me - from John's acc More ...
bananas and eggs
S01E002, Bananas, Eggs And Corn On The Cob, Andy B, 2 minute video
We can get so busy trying to find solutions, when God already has one. Andy B uses a banana, egg and corn on the cob to look at how God plans ahead for us. More ...
S01E001, 50% Connected Is Not Fully Connected, Andy B, 2 minute videos
How connected are we to God? Are we fully connected to God and the people around us, or just partly - doe we look more connected than we really are? More ...
S01E003, Saucepans Lids, God’s Loving Discipline And Walking In His Strength, Andy B, 2 minute video
A little thought I had while cooking some pasta…if you're feeling like God is restricting you from where you're trying to go, perhaps God is actually helping you to get where He wants you to go a little more easily, and with much less effort, so we can wa More ...
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