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Andy B 2 Minute Videos, Season 2

projection and giant spiders
S02E007, Projection, Reality and Giant Spiders, Andy B 2 Minute Video
If you're not a fan of giant spiders, read on! This is kind of, all about, the very opposite of giant spiders, as Andy B looks at how projected images distort reality! So where in our lives, are we fearing something terrifying and monstrous - when i More ...
tape measure
S02E006, Tape Measures and Limits, Andy B 2 Minute Video
Everything in life can teach us something or cause us to question. And when our tape measures got pulled beyond the STOP sign at the end, it broke. That STOP sign tells you where the end of the tape measure sits...if you don't pull it past those warnin More ...
punctures and goals
S02E005, Punctures, Goals and Rolling with Resistance, Andy B 2 Minute Video
While out mountain biking, Andy B and Jo Jo spotted their oldest son, running in the distance. They decided to push on a bit faster and get past him - for the first time, having always been just a bit slower than him! Just as they were starting to get More ...
r c clock
S02E004, Remote Controlled Alarm Clocks and the Holy Spirit, Andy B 2 Minute Video
Andy B's alarm clock stopped working. So he bought a new one. But before binning the old one, it struck him that there are often things in our lives which don't work very well. Some we can work around. But some need sorting a little more directly! More ...
cardboard cut outs
S02E001, Cardboard Cut Outs And Trying Again, Andy B 2 Minute Video,
When we're recording Jo's Art Videos we mostly do this from directly above, so what she is doing can be most easily seen and followed along with. Andy loves problem solving, so used some leftover cardboard to make a special, unique, bespoke cradle to h More ...
stripey fabric
S02E003, Stripey Fabric and Usefulness, Andy B 2 Minute Video
We got married nearly 25 years ago and, like most newly weds, we had no furniture to fill the house we lived in. We were given a settee, which was well beyond its best, but still functioned. We bought some fabric to cover it, and it's still going st More ...
ricer maker handles
S02E002, Rice Maker Handle, Andy B 2 Minute Video
We recently started using a replacement microwave after our old faithful one, of more than a decade, showed its age quite a bit. Anyway, we get through quite a bit of rice, and have used a microwave rice maker for the past two decades. And, now, it More ...
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