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How We Do What We Do


Are you wondering how we produce what we do?

Are you wondering how you can produce video resources too?

Well, read on and we'll tell you what we've learned because we're not just here to create resources for you to enjoy, share, download and use, but to help people - just like you - to make their own resources too. We're not experts, but we have produced nearly 800 videos in a little under 3 years, which have been used around the globe in many different countries, and we've learned quite a bit along the way - about what we're doing, and about ourselves too.

So, what is it we think you need above all else? Well, aside from a certainty that God is asking you to do so, there is only really one thing we can point to:

The passion to have a go, own your mistakes and let your creativity flow!

This is a pretty in depth article so we turned it into two articles. Grab your favourite brew, settle down, and jump to the sections that you want - or read it in order. The choice is yours!
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Beginnings and Progress


Current Equipment


Beginnings and Progress

The Early Days   Improvising
Organisation   Social Media

Current Equipment

Audio Recording Equipment   Visual Recording Equipment
Lighting Equipment   Studio Extras
Audio Editing   Video Editing
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Welcome to the BerryBunch - creators of home grown video resources For Free, For All!
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Welcome to the BerryBunch

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