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BerryBunch Advisory Group



Much like the great Elrond – the legendary King of the Elves created as a character in the well known books by J R R Tolkien - the BerryBunch is far bigger than just one family in the UK: we have supporters literally all around the world, including the UK, USA, Italy, Finland, Tibet, and more!

And, to ensure we keep walking towards Jesus in what we're doing we meet ion a group, we have pulled some amazing people together - nicknamed the Council of Elrond. - to ensure we have both righteous accountability and spiritual support.

This council meets at least once a quarter by video, and as often as needed – to ensure the BerryBunch stays righteously focused on our primary mission – making Bible based, family friendly material that can be used For Free, For All.

As a group of people we walk together, talk together, pray together and mutually support one another – to ensure that the BerryBunch Ministry continues to honour Jesus Christ through all that is produced.

Who makes up The BerryBunch Advisory Group?


We love to see how God has taken our humble efforts as a family to inspiring and equipping people all around the world. Ministering to people globally – through the BerryBunch or, more recently – is not something we ever envisaged we’d be doing when we asked God to teach us faith. And that is precisely why a life with Jesus Christ is so exciting – because the future is unknown to us, and yet when we let God guide us, we can trust that our future is secure because God chooses to operate within the limits of time, and space – and use even us.
Andy and Jo

Andy B and Jo


Andy has driven oversized trucks, helped deliver breastfeeding workshops to mums to be, been filmed for Sky TV, organised and delivered a Christingle to nearly 800 people (not long after googling “what is a Christingle?”).

He can usually be found sat at a computer editing a video, or three, and started leading worship when he was ten years old. He especially loves helping young children and families meet with Jesus for themselves.

Jo was raised in a home that didn’t have Jesus and she actually chose to allow Jesus to be her Saviour when she was at University, and in France. She was baptised in a lake near Lyon and her testimony is simply AMAZING!

She is the passion and glue that holds the BerryBunch together – always believing in Andy, and the boys, and encouraging them to get ever closer to Jesus. Jo has been to some amazing places in her lifetime from Walsall to Devon, and Spain to the USA, and Tonga. But her favourite place is always wherever her family is!

Andy and Jo are regular Radio Presenters on Konnect Radio.

Andy B and Jo

Andy Brown


Andy Brown is a Christian husband and father of four wonderful daughters. He lives in a small village in Essex in the east of England, UK.

He has been following Jesus for over twenty years, and has been lay preaching for ten years.

He was an Elder in his previous church (another part of the UK) where he served for over eight years and led house Bible study groups.

Andy has written many articles and a 40-day devotional booklet. In addition to his blog site here, he is working on authoring various books.

He writes over on a most excellent blog –


Alan Kearns


“I make no claims to be a pastor or a great scholar, I am just an ordinary middle-aged Scotsman who loves God and is enthused by His Word as it lights my path before me.”

Alan Kearns is a fifty-plus year old married family man from Fife, Scotland. He was raised in a Christian family, and gave his life to God in his teens.

Alan writes blogs for all, using a style that always makes them accessible, no matter who you are, or where you are in regards to faith and Christianity.

Alan has a passion for scripture and encouraging everybody he meets to know Jesus ever more; he really does live his life by example.

He has been writing Biblical devotions on his blog – Devotional Treasures for two years.


David Duncan


David Duncan lives with his wife and pet Schnauzer in the Midwestern United States. The Duncan’s have three grown sons.

David is an ordained Baptist minister and spent 14 years serving churches in full time ministry before becoming a elementary music teacher in 2004.

The Duncan’s spent ten years as part time children’s ministers at their current church.

David has a Bachelors degree in music and a Masters degree in religious education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.

David started the blog, David’s Daily Dose in 2019 where he shares positive thoughts from a Christian perspective.


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