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Memory Verses

We love learning scripture. These our our Memory Verses with plenty of videos you can use as they are, or be inspired by for your own creative best.
Romans 8 v 31b, Memory Verse
Jo Jo shares a short and simple memory verse which is powerful to keep in mind through the ups and downs of everyday life. Romans 8 v 31b More ...
Psalm 119 V 105, Memory Verse
Jo leads us through memorising Psalm 119 v105, using a bible, a lamp, a torch and some disappearing words and images. More ...
S4S, SE, E1, memory verse, Psa
Memory Verse, Psalm 25 v 5a
Jo Jo shares a short and simple memory verse highlighting that God leads, God teaches, and God saves. Psalm 25 v 5 a More ...
S4S, S2, E3, memory verse
Memory Verse, Philippians 4 v 8
Get thinking about good stuff like Whatever is true, lovely, pure… as Jo uses thought bubbles to show us how to memorise another brilliant piece of Scripture – Philippians 4 v 8 ( NIV – 1984). More ...
S4S, S2, E4, memory verse
Memory Verse, Hebrews 12 v 1b
For our memory verse Jo Jo goes running as she learns to memorise Hebrews 12 v 1b. Join in – good for your heart and good for your soul! If you want a print out of the memory verse pages she used you can get them on the website – h More ...
Matthew 6 v 6a, Dramatised, Memory Verse
Jo B uses some simple acting skills to help us learn this memory verse. More ...
John 3 v 16, Memory Verse
Jo Jo leads us through memorising John 3 v 16, using some home grown actions! The BerryBunch For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. More ...
John 1 v 5, Memory Verse
Jo Jo and Peter use the den he made for this Episode of Something 4 Sunday, once more, to help us memorise John 1 v 5. More ...
proverbs, memory verse
Glue Stick And Paper, Proverbs 18 v 24b, Memory Verse
Jo and Peter used Glue sticks and paper to help us learn Proverbs 17 v 24 b. But a real friend sticks closer than a brother More ...
Genesis 2 2b, Teddy Bears, Memory Verse
Jo leads through memorising Genesis 2, 2b. This time she used teddies, chilling on a chair. More ...
Food Jigsaw, Matthew 6 v 8b, Memory Verse
Jo Jo uses a picture of an English Breakfast - made into jigsaw pieces - to help us memorise Matthew 6 v 8b. You could try real food if you're brave enough! More ...
1 Timothy 4 v 8a, Memory Verse
For our memory verse Jo Jo gets physical again, with a skipping rope to help us memorise 1 Timothy 4 v 8a. If you want a print out of the memory verse pages she used to memorise today’s scripture, you can get them, free (as a PDF you can print) from th More ...
Jo Berry, 05/12/2022
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