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Andy B 2 Minute Video, S05E063
S05E063, Know Thyself, Andy B 2 Minute Video
If you had to write a biography about yourself what would it say and how easy would you find such an exercise. God tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; that He hand made us on purpose and for a purpose. So, if you were saying who God had More ...
Andy B 2 Minute Video, S05E062
S05E062, On Purpose, Andy B 2 Minute Video
Let’s go somewhere controversial. It shouldn’t be, but it is. So, let’s get this out at the beginning. Evolution is not true! It isn’t false because I say it is. Even Charles Darwin stated it was only a theory – and a theory that has never been prov More ...
Andy B 2 Minute Video, S05E061
E05E061, But I don't want to fight, Andy B 2 Minute Video
It’s easy to jump into the day with a smile on our face and a coffee in our hand. Although I don’t recommend jumping with a coffee in your hand, unless you have a sealed flask that you trust. Then your smile will change and you’ll remember you should have More ...
IGTV, S04E001
S04E001, Day and Night Plate, Art Time
For art time, JoJo makes a hanging Day and Night plate picture. Don’t hang about, get your art on! This picture can be painted and is super simple and super fun to make. More ...
Story Time, S04E001
S04E001, Let there be light! Story Time
In this week’s story time, JoJo tells Dave how God created everything and created light on the first day. What will Dave say about all this? More ...
Dave Unleashed, S04E001
S04E001, Let there be light! - Dave Unleashed
Join Dave the Dog in a new series of Dave unleashed – but don’t worry JoJo is there to keep him on track if he strays! As usual, be prepared for Dave’s doggy antics and jokes! Dave introduces Story time and Art time and finds it difficult to believe that More ...


Our Heart

We're a family of 5 who, since 2019, have created more than 750 videos home grown, family safe, Bible based videos and resources.

We're Andy B and Jo and we're parents to 3 boys; we've worked in full-time children's ministry and now through the BerryBunch! We're published authors, and host a weekly Radio Show - Family Focus - only on Konnect Radio).


Our Mission!

Creating digital material – to encourage and inspire families, all around the world, in their Christian faith; supporting, equipping and resourcing the Church in it’s Global mission: For Free, For All.


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Welcome to the BerryBunch - creators of home grown video resources For Free, For All!
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Welcome to the BerryBunch

We are a family who love producing free resources to help others. Whether you’re a church, a family or just interested, you can find a whole smorgasbord of resources RIGHT HERE.

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