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S05E076, Change Can Be Scary, Andy B 2 Minute Video


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When we replace a car for something different, whether a newer or an older model, we have plenty of things to learn. But, perhaps even more importantly, we need to unlearn a whole bunch of stuff too!
Ok, so the steering wheel is probably in the same place you’re expecting it to be, but there are many ways a handbrake (parking brake) can be made to function. There are reversing sensors to get used to. There are performance changes with the engine, and more.

Having driven professionally for a number of years I get pretty adept at handling different vehicles, sometimes multiple times a day – and doing so safely. But there will always be some things that take a lot more adjustment than others.

When you choose to follow Jesus Christ there are a number of things that happen. Perhaps the most fundamental beginning a life of change – to become more like Jesus Christ. And that means learning new ways of doing things. Also, more importantly, ‘unlearning’ things that are diametrically opposed to the Christian Faith.

Becoming a Christian is an amazing experience; it is utterly liberating; it is beautifully life transforming. But while it is worth every sacrifice we feel we are making, we are still sacrificing things we may have spent years cultivating - from hatred and bitterness, to an inappropriate career or way of paying for common items.

To become is a Christian is to embrace change. And it doesn’t need to be something to fear because any exchanges with God always work out with us gaining more than we give away.

After all, Jesus already gave His life for us, and that’s a cost we’ll never be able to match. Hallelujah!

Just a thought...

Andy B





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[00:00:00] So another Andy B Two Minute Video and I titled this one Change Can Be Scary. 

We all understand that things need to change, things adapt, evolve over time. We understand that concept. In our workplace, we know that the clothing we're gonna wear is gonna change. 

You look at Police Officers in the UK and what they used to wear 50 years ago is not what they're wearing today. The clothing has adapted. It's evolved as as needs, operational needs have changed, and it doesn't matter what sphere of life, we can see that change occurring. And it can sometimes be scary. 

Sometimes it's change is just stupid. We don't need to change some things. They just need to be left alone. Other things do. Here's a really simple example. 

Cows grow in a field. They eat grass, that we can't, and when they kill a cow, you get meat that we can eat, great. And we also get milk from a cow, which is brilliant. And yet there's these ideas that we can make, and force [00:01:00] meat to sort of grow and it's really complicated and we can make this mess out of something that's really simple.

But I'm thinking about a different sort of change. I'm thinking about how when we, we, we grow something differently, we go in a different direction it can be quite scary as we have to learn new things. As we get older, it gets maybe a little bit more challenging for us to understand new ways of doing things, and that's okay 'cos change can be scary.

But the thing is, as Christians, one of the things that we commit our, our lives to when we first decide to follow Jesus Christ is a lifetime of change. We don't get to stand still. We're either moving towards God, or we're moving away from God. You're either moving towards God or you're moving towards the devil. There's no grey in the middle. There's no standing still. There's no, well, I'm just gonna wait and see thing. 

You, you are either moving towards God or you are, you are moving away from Him. 

And that's a reality that we understand and accept when we first come to faith, when we first made that decision to follow Jesus Christ. [00:02:00] Because there's no grey areas. Either God is the direction of your travel or you're moving away from God. And we want to be moving towards God. 

Now, when it comes to change, sometimes letting go is the hardest part. I dunno if you've ever changed your car, and you've gone from one to another and you get in the new car and you're thinking, well, this is new and it's better, and it's, it's more economical, it's more comfortable.

But, but it doesn't do what my old car did and I can't wear the buttons gone and nothing works. And as we learn to accept something, we have to let go of the past, in order to accept the new.

And the Christian life is all about letting go of the olds to embrace the new that God has got for us.

Don't be too scared of change. It can be a really good thing!

Just a thought.


Andy B, 24/05/2023
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