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#TestimonyTuesday: A Prayer Answered Before It Was Prayed

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Every day is a learning day, and every day God is still very much at work: ?Read our latest testimony of God at work today!

It's often been said that when we pray we get one of three answers: Yes, No or Wait. I wonder where this one fits in with those three usual response.

A Prayer Answered Before It Was Prayed

We've been praying about how to fund replacement microphones for the ones we've been using to create Video Resources: we wanted some Lavalier Microphones (miniature lapel placed microphones) because the ones we had been using sounded amazing, but were large and not helpful for the aesthetics of our video ie great for radio and podcasting, but not so great for video!

There was one major issue - we couldn't afford to buy the new microphones!

We have learned over the past couple of decades that God doesn't care quite so much about money as we do, because He doesn't need it. He cares about our hearts and about for faith, and that things are done to build His Kingdom.

The problem is that I still rather like seeing money in the bank account before spending out on our Ministry. But there's no faith in that approach, and it is not the approach we've seen God use with us because then it wouldn't be for His glory, but for ours.

Working outside of our own abilities is a GOOD thing for those of us who call Jesus our Master; our Lord and Saviour.

We prayed as a family and felt peace to push ahead with buying a couple of these new microphones. That was about 11.30pm. And, the following day, we received a letter in the post, with the money to buy those two new microphones, 'to be used for the Ministry as needed'.

Here's the extra icing on the top of the miracle cake!

That money was sent some two days before I'd even prayed for the money to cover the cost of the microphones I was about to purchase. Sure, we'd chatted and prayed about it, but hadn't actually 'needed' the money when it was sent as I hadn't yet spent it!

God is good and this one baffles my mind quite a bit, but while He keeps opening doors, we'll keep walking through them humbled and honoured to be use, at all, for His kingdom.

Andy B

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