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#TestimonyTuesday: A Mechanical Miracle

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A Mechanical Miracle

We’ve seen some miracles in our days on this earth but this was a dramatic one, even for us!

So, our car hit a pothole – well a sunken manhole cover actually (if that translates ok).

We took it to a local garage to get the wheel alignment checked out. To their horror, and ours, the inner edge of both front tyres had worn completely smooth. In one place it was even showing the core underneath where a piece of rubber had been chipped off.

The reason for the shock is that last month we were told they might need changing in the next 12 months or so. Something had, obviously, happened to incredibly increase the speed of that wear that we were not aware of!

There’s a few things here!

If I’m honest I wasn’t what you’d call happy about that pothole. It was upsetting, because it’s unnecessary and because it meant expenditure – for us – getting the car fixed.

But, that incident, is the only reason we’d have spotted the issue with our tyres – I regularly check tread depth and tyre pressures, but you’d have been hard pressed to spot the wear that our two front tyres had, without sticking the car in the air – on a ramp – or taking the wheels off. These aren’t part of my usual checks!!

That ‘incident’ potentially saved us a blow out – at speed.

It forced us to see a problem we didn’t know was there, and I’m glad for that pothole right now (although I’ll keep avoiding it until/if it is fixed).

The problem was that we had no hope of replacing those two front tyres, and getting the wheels aligned as well. That was simply so far out of our financial reach as to be considered impossible.

I’d been chatting some struggles with a friend a few days before all this. They were starting to pray about some of the issues we were seeing ahead with our finances…and then we had that bombshell about the tyres!

Suffice to say we had the money in our bank account, through one of our lovely BerryBunch supporters, and a little extra for ice creams at the sea side while we’re on holiday.

God is good, and I’m still feeling just a little bit of spiritually whiplash from the speed at which the problem was revealed, and the solution appeared!

God is good!

Andy B

PS Let me add an addendum here because a different friend was asking me if I should be considering some freelance work to reduce/remove the stress of our financial situation.

At the end of a text-chat – that had spread across most of the day – they, very encouragingly, concluded I was, most probably, very much where I was meant to be, whilst doing what I was supposed to be doing, as it enabled me to do so many different things for God’s kingdom.

We agree!
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