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Just a Thought... (Volume 1)


2 Minutes a day can change your world and Just a Thought... does exactly that!

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  • It’s 180 pages long.
  • It’s got a cover you won’t find anywhere else – this is definitely an Andy B special!
  • There are 47 chapters and, while you can sit and read it one go, it could also give you a nice daily time of exercise for your brain for, well, 47 days. Why is it 47 chapters? Because 50 chapters seemed far too sensible and round a number.
  • It’ll have you laughing and cringing.
  • It’ll have you wincing and smiling.
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What people have been saying about Just a Thought...

5.0 out of 5 stars A Devotional With A Difference
This is a great devotional book indeed, but it is different from any other devotional. Andy B. writes about everyday life in an unpretentious humorous way that will make you smile, and open up the important issues of the Christian faith for all to see. Other devotionals begin with God, but Andy begins with where we are in life and leads us to God. This book would be an excellent gift to give to anyone, especially someone curious about the Christian faith.
I got my digital copy tonight for $6.00. Hey, that’s what you pay for a fancy coffee at Starbucks. 6 bucks for hot flavored water?! No thanks. I’ll sit down instead with a steaming cup of Earl Grey and the latest offering from Andy B. I’m already up to chapter 5. Short chapters are perfect – for squirrels like me.   I bought your new book, Andy B, and am enjoying it immensely. Some of these I’ve already heard, but some not. It’s good to read them all again.

Say What – An Introduction?

To the many people that know me well, my random thoughts seem normal. Or so I keep telling myself. After all, we all have them, don’t we? We accept that a pregnant woman may well desire the weirdest of food combinations, and it makes sense, after all.

Sweet and Sour – one example of two things that shouldn’t go together, but just do. Grapes and sugar is another one. Also, cliffs and home – well, if you’re English, and you’re on a ferry coming home to England.

We all put things together that don’t make much sense. My favourite toasted sandwich is Bovril and Tuna Fish…because it just makes sense.

Just a Thought… is a collection of my pregnant brain thoughts. Only I’m not female. You get the idea, no?

It’s sort of like a devotional with a topic per day to get your brain working, that refers back to faith in one way or another, and usually via a route never expected. Think of this as your earlier morning stretching, but to get those kinks out of your mind.

You can think of me as the Shackleton of brain thoughts. Or the Christopher Columbus…ooh potatoes…I’m hungry again.

Just a Thought… is better than a caffeine shot – which I don’t drink anymore due to a heart that is a drama queen. Actually, thinking about it, my lack of caffeine has led to an abundance of Andy B 2 Minute Videos, from which this book finds its roots.

Anyway, if you’re ready to expand your mind, or just get it warmed up, read on.

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